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About Me

Vaisakh VS, itz vysh behind the lens!

ZaVy, itz vysh behind the lens! 

Hi I am Vaisakh, a Computer Network Engineer by profession and not a photographer based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and A Native of God’s On Country (Kerala), India. But my love for photography had started since I was very young and those days smart phones have just started to enter the market and cameras were too expensive to afford. I was lucky to get a camera completely free with our new Flat screen television from Panasonic. Yes, The Kodak 35 series, KB 12 was my first camera. And that marked the beginning of my photography journey. Later I got my hands on my bro’s digital camera and it was he who had guided me to the world of digital photography. The next was Nikon P510, the telephoto point & shoot semi-slr camera. I fell in love with love with that one. May be because of that, I am still using its successor, The beautiful P600.

She is still my eye in photography even though most of my pictures are captured with the smart phone cameras. Still I am a learner in the field of photography and my clicks aren’t professional as you may feel. I am obsessive about sunsets/sunrise, moon, rain, sky, beaches, Buildings etc. most of my pictures will be having connection to these by unknown coincidence. This is just a platform for me to sharpen my skills and share my clicks with the world. Apart from photography, sometimes I do write a little.  

I would like you Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to check out my work. Take a look around and stay awhile! Support and follow me on my Instagram & Facebook pages if you like my work. 

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